Rosemary Leavey


Angelic Whisperings

by Rosemary Leavey

$20.00 AU


Sacred Balancing


Sacred Balancing is a gentle and empowering encounter with the Divine Wisdom of your Higher Self. Within a Sacred Balancing, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person’s well-being are addressed and gently brought into sacred balance; bringing clarity, new insights, a deep sense of peace, acceptance and resolution where required.

The Soul Reading that accompanies the Sacred Balancing session is a combination of symbols, metaphors and messages from your Higher Self through the Angelic Realm to you. It allows you to make new choices so you can gently unwrap the many layers that you have placed around yourself, to give you access to your Soul Wisdom in its natural state.

It is from the experience of Sacred Balancing that you discover, with increased awareness, solutions to the issues of your life experience that would otherwise be unavailable to you. That which has been unconscious now flows into your consciousness, bringing new insights, new learning's and real opportunities for growth, change, healing and gratitude for life. Sacred Balancing is an empowering and life-changing experience****









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